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About Us

LocatorCentric™ holds a global suite of patented technology (“PT”) solutions that enables location-based, location-aware, and alerting services in most of today’s applications utilized by billions throughout the world. Our innovative portfolio contains over 150 granted patent and patent applications throughout North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia.  The sought after patented technology is continually licensed to starts-ups, to mid-sized companies and to some of the world’s leading brands.

The PT is owned by two associated technology development companies that have created technology-agnostic processes for transmitting information over wireless platforms based upon the dynamic location of a user’s device and user preferences. The PT covers a broad range of applications that secure, teach and protect processes of transmitting user-specific/location-specific and/or location-aware content over wireless and location-aware platforms in many market verticals.

In general, the types of location information are illustrated generally in services related to social networking, friend and kid finding, weather information, retail location both in-store and store site locations, directions and navigation, alerting and advertising, and mobile computing uses.

Devices to which the PT applies are illustrated generally in mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and GPS devices.

Technical Overview

Location-based services refers to content specific to a particular location and location-aware services refers to content transmitted based on awareness of the user-profile. The PT utilizes a user profile containing desired products and services, location data, and spatial range identifier. The spatial range identifier describes the “area of influence” (spherical or ellipsoidal) about the user and user’s device.

The PT also broadly covers systems and methods for event reporting and video uploading from a user’s device with reference to its location and/or direction of travel such as recording an event or hazard with a mobile device and uploading it to a website for others to view, or warning a driver of hazardous weather based upon the intended direction of travel.


Locator Centric is a trade name for the joint service company formed by Locator IP, LP and User-Centric IP, LP., both Delaware limited liability partnerships.