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You didn’t see weather – you saw people: pedestrians, athletes, drivers, aviators, passengers, vacationers, and more… not to mention farmers, business owners, and managers whose living can depend on the weather.

We brought you weather alerting and event reporting as the earliest pioneers in interactive weather advisory systems. And you brought keen insight into your customers’ plans, projects, jobs, vacations, meetings, activities, safety, and comfort. We created technology to continually monitor mobile devices’ location, to send alerts, to help users learn about new hazards, and contribute updates about hazards they have seen.

If you use weather information, you understand how the intersection of Location-Based Services (LBS) and weather affects decision making and revenue. So do we.

We understand LBS and weather better than anyone. In fact, AccuWeather, Inc. is the first licensee of the Locator Centric suite of weather patents. AccuWeather, Inc., an early pioneer in location based technologies, recognized that combining weather and location-based technology to drive and predict behavior significantly increased business lines.

Together, we made it possible. We made it better.

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