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You didn’t see roads, maps, trucks, and cars. You saw travelers, shippers, recipients, delivery drivers, and logistics professionals. You saw time wasted waiting for left turns, vehicles stuck in traffic jams, low bridges, and impossible corners. You saw retailers needing the fresh goods, and suppliers wanting the fastest way to get product to shelves. You saw travelers trying to figure out the best, fastest, most scenic, and most direct routes.

We had the vision to increase efficiencies in real-time, creating the foundation upon which you helped your customers to save time, conserve fuel, reduce maintenance, increase time-on-shelf, decrease waste and aggravation, and create better, faster, cheaper, and more environmentally-friendly paths from Point A to Point B. We even figured out how to provide weather and hazard information and display it in relation to a mobile device’s location. Meanwhile, you made more efficient fleets, more rapid deliveries, more satisfied business owners, drivers, and customers. We paved the way to overcome obstacles and help you differentiate yourself and succeed in one of the most competitive and ubiquitous world markets.

In industries ranging from aviation to agriculture, you helped businesses understand and increase the value of fleet tracking, vehicle routing, asset tracking and management, field services and sales, time reporting, and, most importantly, safety through utilization of core location based technologies.

Together, we made it possible. We made it better.

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