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Working with Locator Centric

Interested in licensing Locator Centric’s global suite of Intellectual Property (IP) solutions?

There are many ways to work with Locator Centric and license its intellectual property. Whether you are launching new location-based products and applications or have already launched products and applications, we can facilitate increasing lines of business to generate greater ROI by providing innovative technologies that support and drive your business models.

Licensing Locator Centric IP advances your mission to:

  • Protect your core business
  • Strengthen your business model
  • Continue to develop and differentiate your LBS products and applications
  • Monetize your technology and services to achieve business goals
  • Collaborate with an expert resource to advance and enhance your technology solutions
  • Protect intellectual property and inventors’ rights
  • Take advantage of freedom to operate
  • Disrupt the status quo and get to market quickly, raising your chances for rapid and widespread adoption.

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