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Government Contracting


You want to win. Responding to government Requests for Proposals (RFPs) can be tough. Winning them can be even tougher.

We bring you the location technology needed for your win. While local, regional, and federal governments may require a host of criteria, different in each case, one thing doesn’t change: the need to ensure that every single detail is covered. That means making sure that each process and technology component of an RFP response stems from the appropriate channel of expertise and authority.

If you’re thinking of pitching your technology or service using Location-Based Services (LBS) in response to a Government RFP, include Locator Centric in your proposal. You will demonstrate superior credibility, and assure the government that you’re in compliance. Don’t run the risk of losing to a competitor because you are not covered!

Together, we made it possible. We made it better.

Click here to learn about working with Locator Centric. Join leading global brands in ensuring that you create a LBS/LAS fortress for your government RFP response.