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Medical and Health


You didn’t see health issues and dietary challenges. You saw human beings with intentions, goals, hopes, and dreams. You saw aspiration.

We created the technology fundamentals to facilitate the fulfillment of each user’s dream. Meanwhile, you saw the health and fitness struggles of a busy and mobile population. And you realized the potential of today’s mobile devices to provide solutions that work.

Today, you help people record what they eat, no matter where they are. You leverage locator- and user-centric technology to help them track the steps they walk, the miles they run, the places they bike. You help them see the relationships among food, activity, location, fitness, weather, health, and mood. You collect data and deliver information, support, motivation, and personalized plans for each individual and every goal. We pioneered the innovation to materialize the dream.

Together, we help people get farther and further, higher, stronger, and happier. And knowing exactly where they are, their dynamically-changing profiles, locations, and content, we make it easier than ever to turn aspirations into reality.

Together, we made it possible. We made it better.

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