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Marketing and Advertising


You didn’t see brands and advertisers. You saw the need to connect with the right customers in the right place at the right time.

You understood that targeting customers with the right message at the right moment in the right place provides value, based on their own criteria and their own profile.

We created the scientific know-how to allow you to connect user profiles to desired products and services in any location at any time. Meanwhile, you figured out how to help advertisers reach their audiences, whether they were seeking brand awareness, consumer engagement, foot traffic, promotion seekers or in-the-moment sales, and feedback.

You knew the subtleties of timing, spontaneity, and personalization, making the most of the critical “when and where” to reach consumers. And you leveraged today’s technology to offer consumers the best opportunities in the moment, while giving marketers the greatest return on investment. We provided the foundation upon which your users can create and maintain unique profiles, including their most desired products and applications, so that in turn you can serve them better.

Together, we made it possible. We made it better.

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